Welcome to English class, Manu and Gilly!


Welcome to English class! This year, Manu and Gilly will be joining the English classes as auxiliares de conversation. Gilly is from Chicago, Illinois in the United States and are excited to be in Madrid. Manu is from Urbana, Illinois but already feels like Madrid is home.

One of the things that we have done so far in class is an introduction of the new language assistants. In the English Corner, a special spot devoted to learning English, there is a big poster that shows all sorts of fun information about the new language assistants. For example, Gilly showed pictures of her family, a picture of her cute cat and even a picture of her when she was in primero!

The students were able to ask questions about Chicago, about where she was from and lots of questions about her cat, of course.

We have been having a lot of fun with English in primero and segundo in the first few weeks of school. One highlight of been corner activities in which students reviewed numbers, colors and shapes in English. In teams, students played shape and color bingo, hoping to be the first person to fill up their special English bingo card. Students also practiced using their English numbers from one to twenty by playing dominoes. Students had to match up numbers and practice saying that they had the right card in order to put all the dominoes on the board!