Singing and acting in English classes!

por | 08/02/2019 | El Patio Interior, Idiomas, Infantil

Everyday the kids have English class, Carmen and Laura, with their glasses on, encourage them to have magical moments with the songs. When we open the door, the kids start to sing the Hello, how are you song, and they really like it.

One day we sing shake your hands, another 5 little monkeys, or 5 little ducks, or one Little finger, 3 brown teddies… and so on. But it is true, that 5 little monkeys is one of their favorites.

So, we ask for volunteers, one to be the doctor, one to be the mummy, and 5 kids to be the monkeys. The monkeys start jumping on a mat and suddenly, one falls off the mat, The mummy calls the doctor and the doctor gets really upset. And they really like it and have so much fun acting the song.

English classes are really exciting for the kids and for the teachers!