Happy summer holidays!

por | 25/06/2018 | El Patio Interior, Idiomas, Infantil, Primaria, Secundaria

During this year we have spent a lot of time together and it seems like it was yesterday! We learned new songs, played plenty of games, performed plays… You worked very hard and we are very proud of you! Thanks for your effort!

Remember to enjoy your vacation as much as you can! Go to beautiful places, go to the beach, go camping, go to the mountains…! Enjoy your family and friends and remember to take photos! We will be looking forward to see all your memories when you come back in September.

Read something and watch films in English, don´t worry what it is but don´t lose everything we worked for. Here you have some websites for you to enjoy in the Summer. You will find recipes, games, jokes, activities, podcasts…





We wish you have a great summer vacation full of joy and sunshine!!

Love from The English Teachers