Happy holidays!


Together, we explored the story of the most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph! We watched a portion of his very famous and traditional movie, and participated in a discussion about the red-nosed reindeer. We learned a song about Rudolph, and reviewed Christmas related vocabulary.

We discussed and learned with Vanessa about American Christmas traditions such as baking cookies, looking at Christmas lights, gift exchanges…
We created some fun crafts to decorate our school. Primero created fun and colorful Christmas trees, and segundo and tercero “elfed” themselves. They cut and paste elf clothing and used a picture of themselves as the head, and reviewed clothing vocabulary as well.

In 3º we played Secret Santa game! All of the participants names were placed into a bag and mixed up. Each students then choose one name from the bag, but didn´t tell anyone which name was picked. He/she was then responsible for writting a card for the friend selected.
We worked very hard on writting the letters…but on Friday all the cards were missing!! Maybe the Grinch stole them? It was Santa? We will continue with the investigation after hollidays..

Finally, we sang some Christmas Carols. This time we included sign language. We did very well and had a lot of fun while practicing!

From the English department we wish you Happy holidays and a happy new year!