Chicky helps Laura in the 3 years old classes!

Who is Chicky? Chicky is a baby yellow chick and he only speaks english, so she helps Laura with the english classes in 3 years old.

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We usually don´t know where Chicky is hidden. Some days he comes to class with Laura, other days he is asleep in the shopping cart, other days he has flown away through the window, and suddenly other days he is at Janno´s house, or Teo´s house, or Nathan´s house…Chicky is a very playful chick.

When Laura comes to class, she always brings a surprise, and every day we sing songs that we really like. Now we are singging the turtle song and the 5 little monkeys, and we really like when we can act them. One of us is the doctor, and Laura is the mother, and then 5 kids are the monkeys, and we put a couple of nap mats on the floor and we act the song.

English in the 3 years old classes is so much fun because we learn playing and singging. What song will be next? maybe Five little ducks, or Shake your hands, or Walking through the jungle…we will see.

Bye bye butterfly!