Chicky and Charlie have a nice summer!

por | 11/06/2018 | El Patio Interior, Idiomas, Infantil

It is amazing that we are already in June.  It seems like it was yesterday when two English teachers came to our classes.  Their names where Laura and Laura, and they came with two friends, Charlie and Chicky, a blue dragon and a little chick.

All of them are very kind and we have a lot of fun when they are with us.  Sometimes we are all together because Charlie and Chicky are very good friends, and we sing with them and we try to speak in English, although it is a little bit difficult.

Now it is almost summer time, and we have to tell our friends good bye.  We hope you all have a nice summer, and we will see you next year.

A big kiss from all the 3 years old kids.