Body parts

5 years old are learning the parts of the body.

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This trimester we have been learning the parts of our body. We have been singing fun songs, like «head, shoulders knees and toes» and «one little finger», as well as «doing the pinocchio dance».
These fun songs help us learn the names for many body parts. We drew an outline of one of the children’s bodies by laying the child on a big piece of paper and tracing around them with a marker. Then, in our circle, we invited the children to remember the names for different parts of the body using the names we learnt in our songs. We wrote the names next to the body part on the outline and learnt how to read and pronounce the letters. Then, we counted how many names we know! And we were proud to realise we know fifteen different body parts names in english! Sometimes, we know more than we think we do.