Blue and the water animals

Blue is the new friend of the 4-year-old children, she is a specialist in water animals and in each English session she is teaching us a lot of new things.

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Hello everybody, I am Blue, like my hair color and I am the new friend of 4 year old boys and girls.

I know how to swim and dive, and I love water animals.

During this term we will be investigating and learning many things about these animals: sharks, fish, jellyfish, flamingos, otters and many more.

And the best way to do it is by having fun while learning with songs like Baby Shark, The Jellyfish, Be it Otter, or stories like Mingo the Flamingo.

We are also creating small puppets to set up a theater in English at the end of the year with the song «Down in the deep blue sea».

We laugh a lot and every day we want to continue learning and enjoying English and water animals.