How are girls and women’s lives all around the world?

Our 3ºESO students have been working on women’s rights for the past 2 weeks. They have thoroughly researched by continents and they have learnt a lot of shocking facts while improving their English skills and learning how to do an infographic.

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After analysing some real infographics and splitting the globe, our groups have done a research about many aspects of women’s rights: abortion, gender gap, glass ceiling, sexual harrassment, femicides, etc. Then, they have created their own using different online apps and they have presented it to the rest of their classmates.

This project is for our next generations to be more conscious about gender equality and work to make it real.

Great job, 3º!

(Gracias a esta actividad, nuestro alumnado no solo ha aprendido inglés a través de la lectura, escritura y expresión oral, sino que puede entender mejor la distancia que aún falta en la conquista de derechos y libertades de las mujeres en todo el mundo. Además, tienen una herramienta más para presentar la información tanto en su futuro académico como profesional: la infografía).