Happy Australia Day Mate!

por | 28/01/2019 | El Patio Interior, Idiomas, Primaria, Secundaria

Firstly we searched and learnt about Australia. Students selected a number of facts about Australia to prepare the questions for the gymkhana. What´s the capital of Australia?, How many hours can a koala sleep?, What is Uluru?, or How many stars are there in the Australian flag? were some of the questions students chose for the game.

Later we decided the different base points around school… Teacher´s room, lunch room, playground or some classrooms were chosen as places to hide the clues to continue playing. The clues were written by the students with their imagination and creativity for the children to guess where to go next.

Each base point was formed by 3 or 4 students from secondary education. They were there with a big flag from Australia so children from primary could know it was there where they had to find the next clue. They were asked one of the questions about Australia and if their answer was right they got a piece of puzzle and the clue to find next base point. If their answer was wrong they just got the clue and had to wait for a second opportunity at the end of the gymkhana to answer that question correctly to get that piece of flag.

Finally the first team to get the last base point and answer the question correctly was the winner of the gymkhana.

Learning about Australia has been possible while students from our school have enjoyed as a team!