A new star is born

por | 03/06/2019 | El Patio Interior, Idiomas, Secundaria

During this year the students from 1st and 3rd of ESO have become the scriptwriters, directors, and actors of their own series. Throughout the year they have written the script of series or TV programs created by themselves or in some cases inspired by their favorite programs. Once they wrote their scripts they began to design their recording plans. Therefore they have been put in touch with the vocabulary related to the world of entertainment while learning the use of different audiovisual technologies. Once everything was ready they started recording their creations with outstanding outcomes. From Colegio Siglo XXI we hope that the producers of Netflix, HBO, and the big Spanish producers are aware of the potential of our creations and find in our pilot chapters the inheritors of Game of Thrones, Black Mirror Sense8 or El Ministerio del Tiempo. We fervently hope they love so much our creations and sign up for our series.